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Class 101 College Planning Franchise Review: Tejal Mamtora

Class 101 Franchisee, Tejal Mamtora, opens college planning franchise in Katy, TX, bringing a passion for education and eagerness to make a difference...

Who Makes a Great Class 101 College Planning Franchise Owner?

Class 101 Franchisees come from diverse backgrounds with the common goal of helping college-bound students and their families.

Class 101 Franchise Is a Pioneer in the College Planning Franchise Market

Students who work with Class 101 have dramatic results, getting accepted into an average of 10 colleges and universities & receiving more than $200,000.

Class 101: The Dream Business

Our college planning franchise helps students attain their dream to attend college.

Class 101 College Planning Franchise Review with Hollie Holt

Following our 30-day launch plan helped this new franchisee clinch a record opening month for her college planning franchise Hollie Holt is one of the

Class 101 Franchise Review with Kim Stegemoller

How a mom went from helping her daughter successfully apply to college to our top franchisee — three years running Class 101 Franchisee of the

What Are the Qualifications for a Class 101 Franchise Owner?

Want to know if you’re a good fit for a Class101 franchise? If you have a passion for helping young people and a background in education, read more.