Class 101 Hosts 9th Annual Nationwide Convention

Posted Jul 22nd, 2022

Class 101 Franchise Owners pose for a group photo.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Class 101 is a company with franchises nationwide. Since opening in 1997, it has served over 8,516 students, who were accepted into 720 universities and colleges worldwide, and earned families over $859 million. 

Amid all these achievements, the company hosted its 9th annual nationwide convention from June 21–22, 2022 on the campus of St. Louis University in Missouri. Representatives from 40 franchises reflected on both their past successes and ways they could improve in the future. Over the two days, they participated in panels and workshops, heard from national experts, and were recognized for their achievements.

Panels and Workshops

Over its 25 years of operation, Class 101 franchise owners have seen many changes. They have helped families through the constantly changing process of college admissions.

Given their multitude of experiences, it only makes sense that the convention provided franchise owners with significant opportunities to learn from one another. Attendees discovered how to host successful submit parties from Randy and Kim Stegemoller, franchise owners in Bloomington, Indiana. With a breakout session hosted by Ronda Swanigan, an owner in Irving, Texas, conference attendees learned about ways to set goals and succeed as a new owner.

More than that, it also allowed participants to socialize with one another and Class 101’s leadership team. Team members such as Brand President Tom Pabin, National Marketing Director Jamie Clark, and Director of Operations Betsy Filchak were able to greet and interact with new and returning owners while providing tips on how to succeed.

“The Class 101 convention was the highlight of my first year as an owner. We all came together as one big family, helping each other and listening from expert owners from other States. I attended Karen DeRosa and Tracy Child’s senior success week breakout session and I am so incredibly thankful for the advice all The owners were sharing! I walked out of the session feeling strong, enthusiastic and knowing that I am part of a big team—a family! ,” said Roza Abdulridha from Class 101 South Oakland MI.


Nationally Recognized Experts

A central highlight of the meeting was its keynote with Scott Greenberg, author of The Wealthy Franchisee. Using his decade of experience as a multi-unit, award-winning franchise owner for Edible Arrangements, Scott spoke to attendees about how they can be leaders and transform their businesses into something extraordinary.

Over the course of an hour, Scott described how franchise owners can think on a higher level, how they can lead effectively, and how they can serve their customers and create more satisfying experiences. A centerpiece of his speech was his tool, 30-Second Leadership™, which he argued could enhance the employee mindset, skillset, and performance.

 “You can never have enough experts on your team, having Scott talk about franchising as a 10 plus year veteran franchisee who won the service award from over 1000 locations is the exact person we want, who can speak on both sides of being a great franchisee and building a better life.”,” said Tom Pabin, Founder and Brand president.

Awards and Recognition

Finally, the conference provided opportunities for franchises to be recognized for their achievements over the 2021 year. After a busy two days of activities, Founder and CEO Tom delivered a brief speech and awarded:

Class 101 also took a moment to recognize members of the new President’s Club, a designation representing the highest recognition that a franchise owner can achieve within Class 101. President’s Club members are owners with a single location whose sales reach or exceed $400,000 in a calendar year. This year’s members are:



These are just a few highlights of our latest annual meeting, which ensures that all Class 101 owners have the skills needed to act as mentors, coaches, and teachers. If this piece interests you, we invite you to learn how to start your own franchise or seek support for a student in your life. We welcome you to contact us at any time.