Class 101 Franchise vs. Mathnasium Franchise

As you research the Mathnasium franchise opportunity, consider the affordability and value of Class 101

Owning a business that helps young people succeed is a business worth pursuing. Their success is usually tied to academic accomplishment, which is why a broad sector of entrepreneurial business opportunities has been built around the idea of helping young people achieve their highest educational potential.

According to IBIS World, tutoring and test preparation franchises generate more than $1 billion in annual revenues. However, not all brands are equal. As you navigate the process of choosing the best franchise to own, it pays to research other brands. Each is a little different in terms of support teams, strategies, values and ROI. Here’s what you should know about how the Class 101 franchise compares to a Mathnasium franchise.

Class 101 is a far more affordable business to own

Mathnasium reports that to costs to open a new center range from $90,750 and $137,610, alongside a $40,000  franchise fee. Class 101 is far more affordable, with a total investment beginning at $45,890 and capping out at $63,300 on average, and a set franchise fee of $32,900.

A lower investment means you can achieve profitability much faster. Several of our franchisees surpassed the $100,000 revenue mark in their first or second year of business. We also have a flexible start-up plan, allowing franchisees to work from a home office during their ramp-up year until they are able to secure office space.

Class 101 specializes in helping students get into colleges

While the Mathnasium franchise specializes in helping students master math, Class 101 takes is focused on not just one area of study, but on the wider scope of college prep. We are a national college-planning franchise that helps high school students get into better colleges and qualify for higher amounts of scholarships and financial aid. We address a common problem: the college application process is complicated, competitive and stressful, resulting in students who don’t get enough, or any, financial aid and often end up at the wrong school.

We’re meeting an enormous need. Millions of high school students enrolled as college freshmen at more than 4,000 institutions last year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. One in three freshmen drops out after his or her first year, according to U.S. News & World Report, and those who drop out struggle to be readmitted to that school or any other..

Students who go through the Class 101 program achieve dramatic results: the average American high-school student applies to two or three schools and receives about $20,000 in scholarships and aid. Class 101 students apply to an average of 10 schools and receive more than $200,000 in scholarships and aid. Our students also tend to stay in school. The dropout rate for incoming college freshmen is high — as many as one in three first-year students never make it to their sophomore year. The dropout rate for Class 101 students is less than 1% — far below the national average.

Our training and support will help you thrive in business

Centralized training and support are more important than ever for our franchise owners as Class 101 franchise continues nationwide expansion. We guide you step by step through the entire process of launching your Class 101 office, from ensuring a successful grand opening to helping build your pipeline of customers.

Dayton, Ohio, franchisee Karen DeRosa, who broke a company sales record in 2018 for first-month sales, says that Class 101’s strong franchisee support has been a real boon to her business.

“Because Class 101 is still relatively small, when you call the central office with a finance question the CFO himself will answer you,” she says. “That kind of responsiveness is amazing. And as far as franchisee interaction, we all know each other, and we have a very strong network. I’ve researched other franchise offices, and it is rare to find a franchise that offers the responsiveness that Class 101 does.”

Join Class 101 college planning franchise

If you’re passionate about helping young people and would like the chance to make a living while helping families save thousands on college costs, Class 101 may be the business opportunity you’ve been seeking. We’re enjoying unprecedented nationwide growth and are looking for new franchise owners.

Find out more by researching our franchise website, calling 855-476-1028 or requesting a copy of our free franchise information report.