A Day in The Life of a Franchisee

Flexible schedules offer freedom that most 9-to-5 jobs don’t provide

Interested in becoming a Class 101 college planning franchise owner? If you currently feel trapped or limited by 9-to-5 hours, Class 101 offers a flexibility in scheduling that most careers do not. Our franchisees typically come from education or business backgrounds and are seeking more control of their career and future, as well as better earning potential for themselves and their families. Class 101 is also a very rewarding business. Our franchisees gain career satisfaction from knowing they are making a living while also making a positive difference in the lives of high school students.

Pei Weng and Michael Kwang

Class 101 franchisees have a fairly flexible morning schedule, because most consulting hours spent with high school students take place after school and in the evenings — or on the weekends. A work day begins mid-morning and typically does not end until about 7 p.m.

“The flexibility of working around the school calendar is very appealing. I just took two weeks off for a cruise at Christmas and 10 days off for Thanksgiving,” says Kim Stegemoller, a Class 101 franchisee and sales leader in Bloomington, Indiana. “December was my biggest month ever, and I did not work for 10 days.”

Class 101 owners enjoy freedom from the 9-to-5 routine

The workload for a typical Class 101 franchisees tends to peak in the fall, with September through November being the busy season. The Class 101 calendar typically mirrors that of a teacher, with downtime during summer break. The freedom to have a more flexible schedule is appealing to many owners. Many Class 101 franchisees are former teachers, counselors, coaches or youth pastors.

Class 101 college planning franchise founder Tom Pabin

A franchisee’s morning may start with checking emails and voicemails and returning messages. Scheduling appointments and following up with students is a large part of the day. Attending local networking events, such as Chamber of Commerce luncheons, is another key component, and afternoons after school are spent counseling students one-on-one. We ask that franchisees have a minimum of three appointments a week.

Spring and fall ACT and SAT classes are typically held weekly in the evenings or on Saturdays and Sundays. Wednesdays are usually set aside to visit area high school campuses in your territory, meeting with key staff members, such as counselors and coaches, to set up seminars.

College site visits may take place during school breaks and are a great way for Class 101 owners to get to know area college admissions counselors and promote their services.

Home office provides team support

Team support is an integral part of the Class 101 culture. Each Class 101 franchisee participates in two weekly team calls, one on Mondays and one on Fridays, that focus on marketing and prospects. Additionally, there are monthly calls focusing on franchising.

The Class 101 corporate office provides owners with all the materials needed to organize the work week and get established. Along with all marketing support materials, franchisees are provided with an Operations Manual, as well as a Daily Operations Schedule. These guide owners along the timeline needed to meet all the critical college financial aid and other deadlines to ensure student clients are on the right path.

We strongly recommend that new franchisees spend 20 to 30 hours on marketing a week when launching their franchise. All marketing materials needed to successfully launch a Class 101 franchise are provided from our corporate office, and we are readily available to guide new franchisees through the startup process. Franchisees also must attend a two-day company convention every summer. Our corporate office is invested in helping franchisees and provides an encouraging support network; your success means our success. We are now registered, where necessary, to offer franchises in 40 states, and our existing franchises have experienced record growth.


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