Class 101 Franchisee Reviews

Owners share what they love about running a Class 101 franchise

We are lucky to have incredible franchise owners who are passionate about helping high school students get into the right college at the right price. Our partners are engaged and energetic professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, from education to business. We do everything we can to ensure that our franchise owners are successful, because when they are successful, so are we. Here’s what our franchisees have to say about their partnership with us and the noble work they are doing in their communities:


Lexington, Kentucky

There is a tremendous market for the services Class 101 provides. Most people, upon hearing about our services, hire us on the spot. I make more money than I did, I work fewer hours than before and I’m happier. The success rate among my colleagues is tremendously high.


Franklin, Tennessee

There is a guideline for everything that we do. Our manual is detailed down to the month: It tells me what I need to be talking about to a senior in the month of December, for example. I’ve heard many people call a franchise a “business in a box.” Class 101 is more than a business in a box. You get people and support. If you don’t know how to do something, the support is there to help you find the answers. I love that I’ve helped students achieve their dreams and discover their path.


Bloomington, Indiana

We knew Class 101 was right for us. We just felt like God had gift-wrapped it and put it on a silver platter for us. Class 101 gave us the tools that we lacked as individuals to help kids and to actually make money while doing it. I personally feel like the sky’s the limit as far as potential for franchisees.

Columbus, Ohio

The support the main office provides is great. The Class 101 management team can be as involved as you want them to be. The training is incredible, and they are continually making improvements. In my former career in insurance, if I had to stay at the office one minute after 5 p.m. I would be incredibly upset. As a Class 101 franchise owner, I love what I do. When my students call me before they call their parents when they get their college acceptance letters, then I know I’ve done my job.


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