How Do I Get Customers?

The Class 101 client base is built on networking and referrals

Grassroots marketing is at the core of Class 101 referrals. We also receive many customer referrals due to our high close rate of 90%. We often work with entire families — once one child has a college success story, parents will hire us to work with their younger children.

Networking is the key to success

Our ideal franchisee is someone well-connected in their community, although someone with networking skills is also a great candidate.


As part of our extensive franchisee training and support, we help franchise owners build the skills they need to develop a strong network of referrals through professional organizations.

Our corporate team also provides guidance on securing new clients through:

  • Seminars – Seminars, such as our popular “5 Secrets of Making College Affordable,” are the No. 1 way our franchisees get new clients. Once parents and educators attend our seminars, they are sold on the services we provide. Class 101 provides all franchisees with a standardized letter that goes to high school counselors promoting our highly successful seminars.
  • Chambers of Commerce – Area chambers of commerce are excellent resources through regular meetings and other networking opportunities, such as after-hours mixers.
  • Local BNI chapters – BNI is the world’s largest business networking organization and is an excellent resource for referrals from other local business owners.
  • Niche markets – Youth ministry, organized sports, Scouts, band — these niche markets in which franchisees may already have established relationships make excellent resources for potential clients.
  • Area high schools – Networking with local high school counselors and teachers is a great way to build business. We offer three seminars specifically tailored for high schools: one on making college more affordable, a financial aid seminar and a seminar about improving ACT and SAT scores.
  • Siblings – Once we have worked with a family, they tend to use Class 101 for their younger children. A sibling discount also makes this an attractive option.

Referrals drive half of our business

We have helped thousands of high school seniors find the right college at the right price. Existing client referrals account for about half of our business, a testament to our satisfied roster of customers. Once families embark on the Class 101 experience, they are likely to refer our services to friends and family. With an average close rate of 90%, we have a strong and successful sales record. We also offer a sibling discount rate, meaning most families will hire a Class 101 professional to help all of their kids find the perfect college at the perfect price. It’s truly a family tradition that pays off.


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